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of the Central Illinois THETA ZETA Chapter
of the ETA SIGMA ALPHA National Homeschool Honor Society

Table of Contents

Article I - Name
Article II - Mission Statement
Article III - Initial Membership Requirements
Article IV - Selection of Members
Article V - Dismissal
Article VI - Application Deadline
Article VII - Active Membership
Article VIII - Dues
Article IX - Meetings
Article X - Executive Officers
Article XI - Appointed Officers
Article XII - Elections
Article XIII - Vacancies
Article XIV - Executive Board
Article XV - Service project
Article XVI - Acknowledgement
Article XVII - Amendments
Article XVIII - Dress Code and Conduct

Article I – Name

The name of the organization shall be the THETA ZETA Chapter, of the ETA SIGMA ALPHA National Homeschool Honor Society, hereinafter referred to as the TZC.

Article II - Mission Statement

The mission of the TZC is to bring unity and a voice to the homeschoolers of Central Illinois through the aspects: Leadership, Community Service, and Scholarship.

Article III - Initial Membership Requirements

3.1 Must be a homeschooled student in 9th-12th grade. Being a homeschooled student
constituted being at least 51% homeschooled for the year in which the student is enrolled, as
determined by the enrollees' parents.
3.2 Provide test scores less than one year old from one of the following tests:

Stanford Achievement (90% Composite Score)
Iowa Achievement (90% Composite Score)
SAT (1800)
ACT (26)
PSAT (180)

3.3 Provide letters of reference from two individuals other than parents.
3.4 Provide a short paragraph as to why a student wants to be a member.
3.5 Show involvement in community service.
3.6 Per annum no more than two absences from monthly meetings permitted, unless approved by a sponsor.

Article IV - Selection of Members

4.1 The final selection of members to this chapter shall be by a consensus of the sponsors.
4.2. Prior to the final selection, the following shall occur:
a. Students who are interested in joining the honor society will complete an application
b. Students' academic records shall be reviewed to determine scholastic eligibility.
c. Students who are eligible scholastically will be asked to write a paragraph indicating
their intent to seek membership and stating their interest in the areas of service,
leadership, and character.
d. The application forms, academic records, and essay shall be reviewed by the sponsors.
4.3 If a member from another Eta Sigma Alpha chapter moves in the area, they may join the TZC
at any time after providing a letter from that chapter’s sponsor.

Article V – Dismissal

5.1 Any member who falls below the required standards of scholarship or who fails to pay their
dues may be dismissed from the TZC of the Home School Honor Society.
5.2 If a member's demonstration of character, service, or leadership falls below acceptable
standards; if a member consistently fails to take an active part in the chapter's activities; and/or
if a member is absent from more than three meetings in a row, the member may be issued a
warning and placed on probation until an improvement is shown. Failure to improve their
performance may result in dismissal from the TZC.
5.3 Any serious violation of the law may constitute grounds for immediate dismissal of the student
from the chapter without warning or probation. These violations include, but are not limited to:
cheating; stealing; destruction of property; driving while intoxicated; possession, selling, or
being under the influence of drugs.
5.4 In the case of pending dismissal:
a. The Executive committee and any other pertinent individuals (such as parents of involved
member) will meet to determine if there are adequate grounds for dismissal.
b. The member in question shall receive written notification of the reason for possible
dismissal and will be offered the opportunity to present his/her defense orally or in
writing. The Executive committee will then vote on dismissal. The decision must be unanimous.
c. A letter of dismissal shall be sent to the student and parents if the student is dismissed.
Dismissed members must surrender any membership emblems.
d. When a student is dismissed, he/she is no longer a member and forfeits any dues paid.
e. A member who is dismissed for poor performance may re-apply for membership in a
later year and be considered for possible reinstatement. However, a member who was
dismissed for serious violations of the law may never again be considered for
membership in the TZC.

Article VI - Application Deadline

Applications for membership will be accepted until September 1 of each year.

Article VII - Active Membership

7.1 An active member is anyone who has met the membership requirements and paid their dues.
7.2 Renewal of membership is automatic with payment of dues.
7.3 Members must be at least 51% homeschooled.

Article VIII – Dues

8.1 There will be a $10 per member annual fee to cover administration costs that shall be due to
the TZC Treasurer, by the November meeting of TZC.
8.2 Dues will be set by majority vote of the TZC active membership.

Article IX – Meetings

9.1 The active members of the TZC will determine the time and day of the monthly meetings of
9.2 An Induction ceremony will be held in September.
9.3 Officers for the year other than those in Article 12.1 will be elected at the October meeting.
9.4 A quorum of 50% of all members is required for the transaction of business at any meeting.
9.5 Special meetings may be held as deemed necessary by the President or sponsors.
9.6 The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall
govern the TZC in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent
with these by-laws and any special rules of order the TZC may adopt.

Article X - Executive Officers

The TZC will be governed by a council of students elected to the following positions and duties
for a one year term. Year-end records and information will be given to the newly elected officers.

10.1 President
Duties: Conduct meetings, schedule meetings and oversee responsibilities of both the elected and
appointed officers
10.2 Vice President
Duties: Assist the President, Oversee and publicize the spring event, fill in for absent officers at
the monthly meeting of TZC
10.3 Secretary
Duties: Record and distribute minutes of meetings to be approved by members and fulfill
any clerical duties that may arise
10.4 Treasurer
Duties: Work with the Co-Sponsor to maintain records all revenues and expenses as well as the
current account balance to ensure monthly bank statements are accurate. The fiscal year will run
from September 1 to August 31. All receipts and disbursements will be administered by a
sponsor and/or Treasurer. Year-end records will be given to a sponsor
10.5 Parliamentarian
Duties: Ensure that Parliamentary procedures are followed during meetings, settle any
disputes of procedures, and act as the Sergeant of Arms, revise by-laws as necessary

Article XI - Appointed Officers

The following offices, with the exemption of Communications Chairman, will be decided upon
in the September meeting by a consensus of the TZC. The appointed officers will be required to
attend the TZC council meetings as requested by the President.

11.1 Photographer
Duties: Take pictures for scrapbook and any promotional material
11.2 Communications Chair
Duties: E-mail a monthly meeting notice one week prior to a meeting and other important
information as needed
11.3 Computer Operations Chair
Duties: Establish an e-mail group and work with the administrator of the CAHSA website to
keep the TZC section of the website up to date
11.4 Historian
Duties: Create a scrapbook of meetings, activities, speakers, and members
11.5 Service Project Chair
Duties: Research, organize, and present the service project choices for the following year, with
the exception of the spring project, which will be directed by the Vice President
11.6 Induction Chair
Duties: Plan induction ceremony, e.g., location, date, time, refreshments, program, and
11.7 Christmas Party Chair
Duties: Plan Christmas party, e.g., location, speaker and/or activities, date, time, refreshments,
and invitations
11.8 Membership Chair
Duties: Create and maintain a membership roster and a record of members' attendance, and
distribute them as necessary
11.9 Fundraising Chair
Duties: Organize and lead any fundraising events TZC might choose to hold

Article XII – Elections

12.1 Elections will be held every year at a special meeting in August, prior to the induction
ceremony to elect the executive board and the communications chair.
12.2 All candidates must meet membership prerequisites (e.g., test score qualifications) to run for
12.3 Members with the longest tenure in the TZC will be given priority in holding offices. If
members applying for the same office have been members the same amount of time, priority will
be given based on seniority in grade.
12.4 Participation in an optional community service project as described in Article XV is required
for members to hold an executive office.
12.5 Candidates should come prepared to give a short speech about their qualifications and
reasons they should be elected and to answer questions.
12.6 Elections will be held by secret ballot and the TZC Sponsor or Co-Sponsor will tally all the
12.7 The candidate who receives the majority of votes will win that office.
12.8 In case no one receives a majority of the votes the top two finishers will receive an
opportunity to make another speech and another vote will occur.
12.9 If a candidate violates proper voting procedure (e.g., by casting more votes than the one to
which he is entitled), the candidate shall forfeit any position to which he may have been elected
and withdraw from running for any other elected office that year. If a member who is not a
candidate violates proper voting procedure, he shall not be permitted to receive an appointed
position that year.
12.10 The newly elected officers will assume responsibility for their office upon their election.

Article XIII – Vacancies

13.1 If the office of the President should fall vacant, the Vice President will assume his office.
13.2 If other offices fall vacant, they shall be filled by the general election process as described in
Article XII.

Article XIV - Executive Board

14.1 The executive board shall consist of the executive officers and one of the sponsors.
14.2 A quorum of 40% of board members is required for the transaction of business at any
14.3 Special board meetings can be held as deemed necessary by the President, or the sponsors.

Article XV - Service Projects

15.1 The service projects will be organized and led by the Service Project Chair and Sponsors.
15.2 The projects shall have the following characteristics:
a. Fulfill a need within the community
b. Have the support of the sponsors
c. Be appropriate and educational
d. Be well planned, organized, and executed.
15.3 The Spring service project will be geared toward serving the local homeschool community
15.4 Each year that a Homeschool Graduation is held, TZC will offer to assist in anyway
necessary with the event
15.5 Each member shall have the option for choosing and participating in a service project that
reflects his or her particular talents and interests. This is in addition to the chapter projects
to which all members contribute.
15.6 The chapter shall publicize its projects in a positive manner.

Article XVI – Acknowledgment

Each year every member and one parent will receive a copy of the by-laws and will be required to
acknowledge by signature that they have read the by-laws.

Article XVII – Amendments

17.1 These by-laws may be amended at any regular or special meeting, provided the amendments
have been submitted in writing at the previous regular meeting, or have been given in writing
to all members at least one week in advance.
17.2 These by-laws may be amended by a 2/3 majority of the votes cast.
17.3 By-laws and amendments must be consistent with the requirements of the Eta Sigma Alpha
National Home School Honor Society.

Article XVIII - Dress Code and Conduct

18.1 Business casual dress is required at monthly meetings and the spring service project
18.2 The standard of conduct will be appropriate for business.

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Adopted: October 13, 2005
Amended: May 10, 2007
Amended: November 8, 2012


Membership Tenets

Scholarship is more than simple knowledge. It involves the mastery of one or more particular areas of learning through much study. Scholars apply their academic excellence, as well as their unique talents and vision, to the betterment of the world around them. Members of this honor society will continue to deepen their knowledge so that it becomes wisdom which they can in turn share with others.

Character is often defined as who you are when no one is looking. To be a person of character is to have moral strength and excellence. A person of character is a good citizen who is trustworthy, respectful, responsible, fair, and caring. Our members encourage one another to grow in character. They refine their understanding and deepen their commitment to these principles, so they will develop self-motivation to live consistent lives.

Leadership is expected of those who hold an office or a position over others; however, leadership involves a process of getting things done through those people. Eta Sigma Alpha members have the ability to lead, but are not finished leaders. No one ever is. The secrets of leadership are locked inside each individual. As members discover and practice leadership skills, they will learn that leading is more about providing guidance, giving direction and taking responsibility for those one leads.

Service is an attitude of being prepared to help. The purest service is to help others and to seek the welfare of others without the expectation of reward or payment. Honor society members pursue humbly considering the needs of others, rather than serving to satisfy selfishness or conceit. As they cooperate with one another and assist those in the community, they promote the value of someone else over themselves.


Theta Zeta Member Oath

I solemnly declare
that I shall always strive
to hold fast to
the strength of my character,
to endeavor to work toward
excellence in scholarship,
and to cultivate in my life and conduct
the principles of service and leadership.