Crossroads Area Home School Association

Dual Enrollment/Credit

Many homeschool teens benefit from the dual enrollment/dual credit opportunities at community colleges. Students in our area may choose between Heartland Community College (HCC) or Illinois Central College (ICC) based upon their residency.

Details regarding HCC's program can be found at its College NOW program website and its special homeschool community webpage.

Details regarding ICC's program can be found at its Early College website.

Important Points for Homeschool High School Students

Dual Enrollment vs. Dual Credit

Dual enrollment refers to students taking college courses while still enrolled in high school, but only earning college credit for the course. Dual enrollment classes cannot be listed on a high school transcript.

Dual credit allows students to apply their college level work to both their high school curriculum and their college curriculum. Dual credit classes count toward both high school and college credit.

Be careful to mark the correct term on the college application form.

How do credits transfer?

The Illinois Articulation Initiative has made transferring from school to school much easier. Consult the IAI website for more information.

Students should consult the college or university to which they are considering a transfer. Some universities will not award college credit for courses taken as dual credit.

Students should carefully consider the number of courses which they take as high schoolers. If a student takes enough classes for dual credit, they might attain "sophomore" standing and become ineligible for scholarships that would be available only to an incoming freshman. Communicate with colleges to understand their policies in advance.

Heartland Community College Scholarships for Homeschoolers

For Homeschool High School Students

Beginning with Fall 2021 courses, homeschool students who live within HCC's district will be eligible to receive a $70 per credit hour tuition award. The waiver will be applied directly to applicable students' accounts by the HCC Business Office.

For Homeschool High School Graduates

HCC offers in-district homeschool graduates the opportunity to apply for its Trustee Scholarship. The award is tuition and fees for 12-18 credit hours per semester and a maximum of 36 credit hours per academic year - up to 4 semesters. Full-time enrollment at HCC for fall semester immediately following high school graduation is required. Eligible students must submit a completed Trustee Scholarship Application available from the HCC Foundation Office by March 1 prior to the fall semester of full-time enrollment in Heartland. Read the HCC announcement dated 11/6/2019 and visit the HCC scholarship website.