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Christian H.O.M.E. Group
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2021-2022 Schedule

E-Group meets from
8:45 - 11:45
at East White Oak Bible Church
on the following Mondays

First Semester

Sept. 13
Sept. 27
Oct. 11
Oct. 25
Nov. 8
Nov. 22
Second Semester
Feb. 7
Feb. 21
March 7
March 21
April 4
April 18

Open registration begins June 14, 2021.
Registration closes on Sept. 1, 2021.

Yearly Membership Fees
$150 per family

*some classes come with additional supply fees.

Registration fees are for the entire family to participate the entire year. Fees are non-refundable, non-transferable.

E-mail Angela Witte for more information.
Christian H.O.M.E. Group
Homeschoolers Offering Meaningful Encouragement & Educational Enrichment

Our mission comes from 1Peter 4:10 - We are a fellowship of Christian Homeschoolers striving to faithfully administer God's Grace by using our God given gifts in loving service:

To enrich our children with fun education from a Christian worldview
To enjoy and foster meaningful peer relationships within the homeschooling body of Christ
To encourage, pray for, and strengthen one another in the home education journey
We gladly welcome new members!

Our group meetings consist of structured classes to enhance home education, taught as much as possible through a Christian worldview. We are a group for nursery - 12th grade. Classes are self-contained for nursery through kindergarten children. Classes for our older students are divided into three groups:

Group A: 1st-3rd grade students
Group B: 4th-6th grade students
Group C: 7th-12th grade students.
Classes for our children vary from year to year and could include art, hands-on science, history, fun w/ foods, P.E., reading fun, sewing, or literature, drama, and life skills for our older children. Each year we aim specifically to offer Physical Education and a fine art option, both of which can be more challenging opportunities for home educators to implement in the home. Classes are offered and taught based on the strengths and gifts of our adult members. Our group is designed so that each family must have a parent present to help provide instruction, supervision, and to safeguard a child in the event of an emergency.

We meet twice monthly on Mondays from September to November, for a total of 6 gatherings comprising our 1st semester. During our 2nd semester we meet similarly on Mondays from February to April, for a total of 6 gatherings. Our meeting facility is East White Oak Bible Church, just a short drive North West of Normal. We enjoy use of spacious classrooms, the church gymnasium for our P.E. classes, a beautiful kitchen for our foods classes, and comfortable nursery accommodations.

2021-2022 Class Offerings

Self Contained Classes
2's and 3's
4's and 5's

Opening 8:45-9:00
4's and 5's: Assembly - Gym
Group A + Group B: Assembly - Gym
Group C: Morning Moments - Banquet Room

1st Hour Class Choices 9:05-9:55
Group A: P.E.
Group B: Gross Science or Mount Rushmore Unit Study
Group C: Human Connections: Post Covid & Beyond

2nd Hour Class Choices 10:00-10:50
Group A: Gross Science or Hello Honeybees
Group B: Escape Room History or Paper Crafting
Group C: Civics, Patriotism, & Service or Book Club

3rd Hour Class Choices 10:55-11:45
Group A: Paper Crafting or Mount Rushmore
Group B: Art or PE
Group C: Art or PE