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College Entrance Exams
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Entrance Exams


The ACT, offered six times per year, is a four-section exam which tests a student's skill and knowledge in the areas of math, reading, English, and science reasoning. Many study guides are avialble at a local bookstore or you can visit the ACT Prep site for suggestions.

Illinois uses the ACT as part of the Prairie State Achievment Examination in the Spring for eleventh grade students. Colleges and some scholarship programs use the scores for admission and awards. Scores are based upon a composite range of 1-36. There is no penalty for wrong answers. An optional writing portion is available which some universities are starting to require of home school students. The test can be retaken, but many students do not see more than one point difference in their score.

Students register online using Homeschool Code 969-999.  Local test centers include ISU, IWU and many local high schools.  A photo ID is required for admittance on test day. This has to be a drivers license, state ID, or school ID. Homemade school ID's are not acceptable unless notarized.


The SAT can be categorized as more of an aptitude test. Offered seven times each year, the exam has ten sections: three Critical Reading, three Math, three Writing, and one masked "experimental" section. The Writing portion includes an essay. Many test-prep books are sold, or you can visit the SAT Prep site for more info.

Colleges nationwide accept SAT Reasoning Test scores; however many are requesting SAT Subject Tests from home school applicants as well to demonstrate knowledge and ability. Each of the three overall sections are scored from 200-800, with 2400 being the highest possible combined score. There is a penalty for wrong answers. The test can be retaken.

Students register online using Homeschool code 970000. Local test centers are ISU, IWU, and many local high schools.  A photo ID is required for admittance on test day.  This has to be a drivers license, state ID, or school ID. Homemade school ID's are not acceptable unless notarized.


The Preliminary-SAT is a preparation-oriented test but also a qualifying test for scholarship programs such as those overseen by the National Merit Corporation. Local homeschooling families should contact their employers' Human Resources departments regarding scholarships which are based upon the PSAT. Additonal forms may be necessary with each company.

The PSAT has three sections: Math, Critical Reading, and Writing. Students may take the exam, which is scored similarly to the SAT, before their Junior year; however, only the score from the test taken in October of their eleventh grade year is used for scholarship qualification. There is a penalty for wrong answers.

This test is only offered through local high schools. Calvary Baptist Academy and Cornerstone Christian Academy both make the PSAT available to homeschool students if you have notified them in time. Schools generally need to order materials early and exactly. We recommend contacting a school in early May and following up with them in early September to assure a spot. Students will need a photo ID and the Homeschool Code for Illinois (991-499) on test day. 

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College Credit Tests

AP Subject Tests

37 Advanced Placement courses and exams help high school students prepare for college-level work and demonstrate knowledge and ability in various subject areas.

Tests are scored on a scale of 1-5. Most colleges require a score of 3 or higher. Before testing, consult with the college you are considering to see if they accept the test you are planning to take and what score they require for credit.

Registration and testing must be done through a local high school.

CLEP Tests

College-Level Examination Program allows students of any age to demonstrate proficiency and achievement in a variety of subjects. CLEP is an excellent way for home school students to verify their knowledge in an area while earning college credit.

To prepare for the various tests consult the CLEP Study Guide which can be found online or at a local bookstore. Be sure to check with the college you are planning to attend regarding the tests and scores they accept.

To register, contact ISU Testing Services; complete and submit the registration form and payment to the ISU testing center.