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Hearts for Homeschooling

Welcome to our group. We are a homeschooling group of mostly Birth - 10 year olds with a few older kids. While the majority of our members are natural-minded homeschooling families, we are open to homeschooling families of all types. We believe in faith-based curriculum and faith-based homeschooling. Because homeschooling really does include all aspects of our family life, this group will be a basis of support for our members in both school work and home life. We ask that any member wishing to join be considerate of other members. We understand that some families may choose an unschooling approach, or a classical approach, a unit study approach, or a combination of many different styles to homeschooling. Please keep this in mind when discussing controversial topics and keep the conversations respectful. This is a safe environment to learn and grow with other members of the community. We are primarily Christian based but members of other faiths are welcome. This group is in place to help families who want to homeschool but don't know where to turn to meet other like-minded families. We will post weekly outings, meet ups, and gatherings to allow our members to meet outside the internet.