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High School Credits
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High School Credits

Home school high schoolers have a great opportunity to pursue their personal interests while completing graduation requirements. While a variety of choices exist for earning credits, the question is often asked, "What credits are needed for graduation?" A thorough answer is dependent upon each student's future goals.

The State of Illinois has determined a set of requirements for issuing a high school diploma in accredited schools; however, private homeschools are not bound to those accreditation standards and are free to simply follow the Illinois Homeschool laws. Additional information is available at

College-bound students should consider consulting the entrance requirements for their college of choice. Many competitive universities have standards much higher than Illinois' minimums and may also require a proficiency exam in certain fields. Homeschoolers interested in entering a vocation directly out of high school may consider earning credits through internships or part-time jobs. Consider the vocational training available to local high school students at the Bloomington Area Career Center. Students may also concurrently attend a local college and earn dual credit.

Home schools may determine the credit value of a student's work based upon the amount of time spent on the subject. According to some sources, one credit is equal to 120 hours of instruction or completion of two-thirds of a textbook; a half-credit represents 60 hours generally completed in only one semester. It should be noted that these guidelines were developed for schools which meet approximately fifty minutes a day, five days a week for 30 weeks. Home school students obviously may reach mastery of a subject and complete their study in less time.