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Homeschool Friends

Welcome! Homeschool Friends is a group of families with children currently ranging in age from young toddlers to teens who seek to connect with others for support, ideas, positive friendships, educational enrichment, encouragement, inspiration, and enjoyment. We meet at least once a month, often more than once, for field trips, nature walks, holiday celebrations, volunteer work, park meet-ups, theater outings, moms night/morning out, and more. We rely on the creativity, resources, needs, and interests of our members to help coordinate field trips and group activities. Everyone is welcome to plan activities!

While we are open to all ages, some field trips or group activities will be for specific age groups to enhance the learning experience of those attending.

We are primarily a Christian group, but any family is welcome. Children and parents are expected to behave with kindness and respect towards others. We welcome all homeschooling philosophies and hope to provide an encouraging environment for all members.

If you are interested in becoming a part of Homeschool Friends, visit our website where you can ask to join, fill out your information, and answer a few questions. There is a screening process for security reasons. You will then be given instructions about paying a $10 yearly membership fee, which is used to help fund our holiday parties.

We look forward to welcoming your family into our group!