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Wellspring Community

The Language Spot

In the United States over 38 million people speak Spanish and in the world over 400 million speak Spanish as their primary language in 21 different countries and on 4 continents. It is becoming increasingly important to know the language for many vocations including business, medicine, and education. The earlier a student starts with foreign language instruction, the more proficient they will become, and the easier it will be to learn the language.

Wellspring Community (Middle School & High School)

Wellspring Community offers middle and high school students the opportunity to learn in Spanish classes. The two-semester high school level Spanish 1 course begins at an introductory level, teaching Spanish vocabulary, grammar, and culture through thematic units, such as family and school. The goal of the class is to master vocabulary and grammar in order to communicate in Spanish at a basic level. Upper level classes will be offered per sufficient interest.

Beginning in Fall 2022, Spanish 1 will be taught by Karen Grotbo, an Illinois-licensed Spanish teacher with experience teaching middle and high school Spanish across all levels of language. She also is the owner and instructor at The Language Spot, a Spanish language school for children and adults in Bloomington-Normal.

Registration information is available at Wellspring's Facebook page and website.

The Language Spot (Grades Preschool – High School)

The Language Spot is a Spanish language school located in Bloomington-Normal. Classes for children in grades Preschool-Age 4 through high school are taught by an Illinois-licensed Spanish teacher with experience teaching across all grades and levels of language. The Language Spot recognizes the importance of learning a second language and introducing it at an early age, all while having fun. The Language Spot views learning Spanish as an important means of creating connections, communication, and understanding with others.

Current classes are listed on the website Middle and high school classes follow the curriculum used in Unit 5. Classes also may be created to fit the specific needs of students. For more information, contact Karen Grotbo at or 309-531-3738.