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High School Credits

Home school high schoolers have a great opportunity to pursue their personal interests while completing graduation requirements. While a variety of choices exist for earning credits, the question is often asked, "What credits are needed for graduation?" A thorough answer is dependent upon each student's future goals.

The State of Illinois has determined a set of requirements for issuing a high school diploma in accredited schools; however, college-bound students should consider consulting the entrance requirements for their college of choice. Many competitive universities have standards much higher than Illinois' minimums and may also require a proficiency exam in certain fields. Homeschoolers interested in entering a vocation directly out of high school may consider earning credits through internships or part-time jobs. Consult the Bloomington Area Career Center for more information. Students may also concurrently attend a local college and earn dual credit.

Home schools may determine the credit value of a student's work based upon the amount of time spent on the subject. According to some sources, one credit is equal to 120 hours of instruction or completion of two-thirds of a textbook; a half-credit represents 60 hours generally completed in only one semester. It should be noted that these guidelines were developed for schools which meet approximately fifty minutes a day, five days a week for 30 weeks. Home school students obviously may reach mastery of a subject and complete their study in less time.

The HSLDA website has online transcripts of a series of interviews with Inge Cannon who has shared her education administration experience with homeschoolers to better equip them in the area of awarding credit at the secondary level. In these interviews, Mrs. Cannon describes the key points of a transcript, both within academics and extra-curriculars, and how to make the best use of the junior high years.

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Course Descriptions

Colleges may request a course description along with a home school transcript. Handbooks and descriptions from local high schools may be a helpful resource.

BHS - District 87

Normal - Unit 5

U-High Classes

University High Handbook

Some universities may want to see evidence of homeschoolers' course work or merely a sampling of a student's progress in a portfolio.

Creating a Great Portfolio

Preparing a Portfolio

Transcript Tools

If your home school curriculum does not provide a transcript service, these tools and examples may be helpful in creating your student's high school transcript.

Edu-Track Record Keeping

Education Plus - Inge Cannon

Sample with Guidelines

Sample with Resume

Sample & Template pdf's

Template in MS Word